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The most prominent misconception about Public Relations is that it is only used as damage control… The proverbial “panic button”. Although crisis management is a necessary contingency plan for any business, what many don’t understand is that of all the marketing communications options that build brand awareness, PR and Marketing Publicity are the most cost-effective. It’s true. More importantly, when executed properly, Marketing Publicity campaigns can break through the clutter of today’s mass-advertising while creating the desirable by-product of credibility. Whether you are in need of a boost to your current advertising plan, or need a cost- effective way to initiate your first communications budget, our PR and Marketing Publicity campaigns offer the most bang for your buck .

Unlike most PR firms, we don’t use generic media lists to send off mass fax and e-mail blasts in the hope that someone catches wind of it… Instead, we research and create an individual media list for each of our clients, comprised of industry-specific, trade-media sources which are in constant need of the news-worthy editorial content which we create. Combine this with our intrinsic ability to forge relationships with editors and you’ll understand why we get results. From start to finish; copy-writing to delivery and even media screening for interview requests, we handle it all… Damage control and even publicity stunts, we do that too.

Need to re-evaluate your communications mix? Small company with a first-time marketing budget? Need an objective perspective on your agency’s current course of action? We can help:

- Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): We help create a consistent, unified brand.

- Event Coordinating & Sponsorship Marketing: We plan and execute with precision for success.

- Direct Marketing: Need a highly-targeted approach? We have options for any budget.